Looks like Cycle is cruising at high speed as the elections are nearing. Three former ministers TG Venkatesh, Erasu Pratap Reddy and Shilpa Mohan Reddy will join the party today in Chandra Babu Naidu. Congress is almost empty in Seema Andhra region as winds are favorably blowing in TDP’s direction. On Saturday, Galla Aruna Kumari, Ex-MLAs Kuthuhalamma, Devineni Mallikarjuna Rao, Rehman and Ex-MP Gunipati Ramayya joined TDP.

On the other side, there are huge number of leaders still knocking at TDP’s door provided they are given tickets. As some constituencies are already having incharges, it is becoming hard to decided the candidate amid this competition. We are said that the alliances between TDP and BJP is also confirmed and the seat sharing is being discussed and will be finalized in next few days and then Chandra Babu will be announcing the first list of candidates for MLAs and MPs.