Cyber-Spy-Attack-on-India's-Largest-Nuclear-Power-StationKudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, the single largest nuclear power station in India has come under a Cyber Attack. Social Media was abuzz that the plant has become the victim of a cyber spy attack and these rumors spread like a wildfire given the apprehensions about the Nuclear Power Plants in India.

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL)has confirmed the presence of malware in its system at the Kudankulam nuclear plant but also added the affected system was not connected to the main plant system. NPCIL further said that the infected PC belonged to a user who was connected to the internet network used for administrative purposes.

The press release states, “This is isolated from the critical internal network.” The networks are being continuously monitored and the investigation conducted confirms that plant systems were not affected by the malware, it said. NPCIL announced that there is no Cyber Spy Attack on the Plant and it is completely safe.

It is interesting to note that the rumors were thick since yesterday but the NPCIL initially denied them.