The Curious Case of Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra ModiAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are often regarded as the country’s Most Progressive Leaders given their successful track record. Both of them joined hands before 2014 elections and went to win the election conveniently. But then things are not easy as that after forming their governments.

Modi is just invincible after assuming power in such a way that victory is never before heard over the last few decades. To everyone’s surprise like every other ordinary politician, Namo started ignoring Chandrababu Naidu and his experience. We can see that BJP has gone back on all the promises to Andhra Pradesh post the bifurcation.

In fact, there are certain instances of Modi troubling KCR like in the case of inviting Telangana Chief Minister first after Demonetization. But then Modi always knew Naidu can pull off improbable things with his experience. And for that reason, he chose to lean back on the TDP supremo on crucial issues like sub-committee on Swachh Bharat and Demonetization.

Both the leaders are trying to score off political points on each others. Modi fears that giving importance to Naidu will never give BJP a chance in Andhra Pradesh. While Naidu, a shrewd politician is waiting for his time to arrive. But then political experts do believe they can do wonders together if the petty politics is pushed aside.