Telangana ACB Crucial Evidence Lost in Cash for Vote CaseTelangana ACB had lost a crucial evidence in the Cash for Vote case in the form of the 50 Lakh money that was caught on the spot. ACB had converted the money into fixed deposit receipts, but forgot to make an inventory of the demonetised cash. ACB already admitted that it failed to trace the source of Rs 50 lakh and now even lost traces of it.

Last week, ACB was given permission to convert tainted money into FDRs ahead of the December 30 deadline imposed by the Centre to deposit demonetised cash. But then they commit a blunder as they have neither photo-copied the tainted currency, nor noted down the details of series of denominations of the caught currency.

With that, the cash can now no longer be submitted as an exhibit or material object during the trial of the case. Usually, such exercise was to be done in the presence of the accused, prosecutors and the judge is supposed to certify the same before marking it as an exhibit or a piece of evidence and now it deprives the prosecution a key piece of evidence.