Crucial Development in Amaravati Issue. Will Govt Lose Grip on Vital Issue?The celebrations of the Ruling Party over a favorable verdict in the High Court in Local Elections are yet to complete but they stumbled upon another shock. The High Court had struck down all the cases related to the Insider Trading in Amaravati. A person approached the court saying that this is an issue of Government’s Vendetta politics.

The counsel representing the complainant argued that Insider Trading is not related to Indian Penal Code. Moreover, the court was informed that not even a single person who sold his land approached the CID or the Court alleging Insider Trading. The Court agreed with the view and struck down all the cases filed regarding the Insider Trading.

This came as a shock for the Ruling Government which is likely to approach the Supreme Court now. Interestingly, the verdict has come at the time when Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has gone to Delhi to meet Union Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah. Insider Trading issue has been used extensively by YSR Congress to create public perception against Amaravati.

It is also used to shift the Capital out of Amaravati and also to corner TDP politically. If the cases are struck down by the Supreme Court as well, it will be very difficult for the Ruling Party to take their narrative forward. Blaming courts always may not work for a party in power.