Crucial 7 days for Andhra Pradesh!

The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill-2013 in all probability will be tabled in Rajya Sabha tomorrow. The current session of Parliament has 15 days to complete, out of them only 9 days are working days. In the remaining 9 days, 2 days will be allocated to Railway Budget and Vote on account budget. So, the remaining 7 days will decide the fate of Andhra Pradesh state bifurcation issue. If the congress makes sure the bill passes, then after this 7 days, Telugu race will be having two separate states.

Government is planning to suspend the agitating Seema Andhra MPs from Rajya Sabha and continue with the bill. TDP MPs Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh are the only people agitating in Rajya Sabha. They are expecting Congress MPs and Central Ministers like Chiranjeevi, Purandhareeswari to help them. In case, BJP does not support suspension of members, Government is planning to suspend them using the special powers of Rajya Sabha Chairman.