Chandrababu Jagan KCRThe ruling parties in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were in a mess all of a sudden. YSR Congress is getting suffocated with YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case and BRS with Kavitha‘s Delhi Liquor Scam.

Avinash Reddy, the accused in Viveka‘s case is Jagan’s cousin while Kavitha is CM KCR‘s own daughter.

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Normally, Jagan would not have face so much of heat in this case but the CM himself put in a suspicious position by trying to dilute the case after becoming the Chief Minister and speaking in favour of Avinash in the state assembly.

In Telangana, with elections in less than 9 months, this is big trouble for KCR.

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Interestingly, both the parties would often criticize Chandrababu Naidu in Vote for Note case. We still remember how KCR used to give lectures about Chandrababu and politics those days.

We have seen KCR emptying TDP and Congress with the same Vote for Note strategy – an open secret. Jagan admitted TDP MLAs similarly and did not even go for by-elections. Modi and Shah even toppled Governments across the country in the same way.

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KTR even today will always address Revanth Reddy as Vote Ku Note Case lo Dorikina Donga.

YSR Congress always criticized Chandrababu for coming to Amaravati leaving Hyderabad after Vote for Note.

Now one party is accused of murder of same family and another party is accused of one of the sensational scams in the last decade or so.

Vote for Note is just an electoral malpractice but these are serious crimes. These parties now lost moral high ground to criticize Chandrababu.

Moreover, TDP supporters are claiming that in fourteen years of rule, Naidu never had a single black mark. “Even most vendettaful governments of YSR and Jagan could not prove anything against Chandrababu. Even though they made several hollow allegations in the Opposition,” they say.