Creative Rumour Mongering on ChandrababuJournalism these days particularly some sections is more of creativity than Reality. We have a very good example right in front of us. RBI is releasing various notifications on a daily basis post the Demonetization. A couple of days ago to relieve the queues at the banks, RBI had allowed dispensing cash through any outlet using Swipe machine.

One can swipe his card for 2000 and take the cash from that outlet. It started with some selected Petrol Bunks and was extended to all those outlets having a Swipe machine and willing to give cash to the customers. Big Brands are keen on this drive as it creates good will to their customers and also reduces the pain of transporting the collected cash to banks.

Future Retail Owner Kishore Biyyani was the first to grab this chance and announced that one can avail this facility at all Future Retail Stores. The so-called critics of Chandrababu are at it again immediately. They alleged that Naidu is dispensing his Black Money through this as Future Retail recently bought the Retail Business of Heritage.

They are either not aware of the RBI notification or intentionally ignored that to smear mud on Naidu. Now almost all the big brands are offering this facility to the customers and those who hounded on Naidu did not even care to clarify or apologize.