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Kiss and Run Video: Prank or Perversion?

Crazy Sumit - Kiss and Run Video Prank or PerversionBy now most of the netizens should have got familiar with the name “Crazy Sumit”. For those who do not know, he calls himself Crazy Sumit and is a YouTuber who makes prank videos. A prank video titled “Craziest kissing and Running video” is the reason we are talking about him now.

The video is featured on kissing random women passing by without their consent and running away. His understanding was that it is fun and an acceptable prank which made him post this video on youtube. Many, in fact, his own subscribers, slammed him with their comments for this immoral video. With the opposition he faced from the viewers, Sumit deleted the same from youtube and uploaded two other apology videos.

In his apology video, he said that he was trying something new and has not intended to hurt anyone and the irony is that he monetized these videos too! This shows that he is not truly sorry for what he has done but uses his apology also to make money.

Incidents like Bengaluru mass molestation and no proper action taken on the same are giving a wrong impression on people out there that touching a woman without her consent can be considered as fun, not molestation and paving a way to people like Crazy Sumit dare to try such stuff.


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