Heart Attacks COVID VaccinesActress Sushmita Sen who is 47, suffered a massive heart attack recently. Luckily, she survived. Recently, a boy who was dancing at a wedding dropped dead due to a heart attack. There have been other cases reported both in India and abroad where young men are especially dying due to heart attacks.

There have been cases where young men between the age of 12 and 39 have experienced myocarditis or pericarditis, which has given rise to debate on the efficacy of COVID vaccines. There is one section that believes this is one of the serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccination. Also, the probability is more after a second dose than the first, as per Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, US.

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The anti-vaccine brigade has been quick to point out that Sushmita Sen’s heart attack was due to COVID vaccine side effects. However, at the time of COVID, the governments were more concerned about bringing out a vaccine that could save lives and prevent the spread of the deadly virus, and there was no thorough research on the side effects that cannot be denied.

One review showed that the chances of MI occurrence were 69% after the first dose and 14% after the second. People are complaining of chest pain, shortness of breath, or chest palpitations, and one has to monitor the conditions to survive.

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However, according to leading expert cardiologists, the risk of getting a sudden heart condition or an attack is high when a person has already been infected with the COVID virus, and the probability of having an anomaly is high during the first year.

Surgeons from Micheal Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre say that these heart issues are rare, treatable, and not as dangerous as COVID-19 itself.

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