COVID Is Still Here, Nipah Virus Arrives!COVID-19 scare is still here. We have been seeing experts warning about a possible third wave. India is clocking around 50,000 daily cases and more than 60% of these cases are from Kerala only. While the state battles COVID-19 cluelessly, Nipah Virus resurfaced in the state.

A twelve-year-old who tested positive in Kozhikode passed away a short while ago. The boy is said to be from Choolur in Chathamangalam Panchayat, admitted to hospital earlier this month. The administration has got alert and started contact tracing. As of now, contacts are showing no symptoms.

This is triggering concerns about a possible outbreak of another deadly virus. If at all, this leads to another pandemic, Kerala and India can not afford it for sure. There is a sense of panic everywhere as the news floats on media and social media.

Meanwhile, Central Government has rushed a team of Experts to Kerala to support the state in public health measures.