YS-Sharmila-Khammam Police have given permission for YS Sharmila‘s Public meeting in April 9th in which she will be formally announcing her Political entry. Sharmila has set an ambitious target to the party leaders to congregate One Lakh People for the meeting.

But then, Police have asked the organizers to ensure not more than 6,000 people come to the meeting. They also asked them to finish the meeting between 5PM and 9PM that day. Also, they were asked to maintain strict COVID-19 safety measures in the wake of increasing Coronavirus cases.

Sharmila’s party leaders allege that the Telangana Government is intentionally trying to disrupt the meeting and question why COVID-19 rules are applicable only for their party when all political parties are carrying out their business as usual. They say the meeting will happen with One Lakh People no matter what.

The meeting is important for the party as it is their first show of strength. Sharmila already announced that she would contest from Palair constituency of the district in coming elections.