COVID Crisis in Telangana  Where The Cases Are MoreTelangana had registered 730 Confirmed Coronavirus cases in 24 hours as per the Medical Bulletin released last night. This is the single highest number of cases in the state in a day. There are rumors that the cases are even more and the Government is intentionally underreporting.

A huge majority of the cases i.e., around 80% of the cases from the GHMC limits. The list of the affected patients is from all the ages One to Eighty years. What is more concerning is that the cases are uniformly spread unlike earlier where they were restricted to identified containment zones.

While there are cases everywhere, more number of cases are found in Jiyaguda, Dhoolpet, Dabeerpura, Goshamahal, Asif Nagar, and Khairatabad. The state has tested 3,297 samples the other day while the neighboring Andhra Pradesh has tested around 25,000 samples.

Also, there is a concern that the testing in Telangana is happening only in the GHMC area but not in the other districts. Numbers suggest that there is a huge surge of cases post Lockdown and there is a Huge Surge post increase in the number of tests. The only way out from here is to Test More, Trace More, and Treat More.