YS_Jagan_Vundavalli_Sridevi_Mekapati_Chandrasekhar_ReddyYSR Congress is almost certain that Thadikonda MLA Undavalli Sridevi and Udaygiri MLA Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy have cross-voted to the TDP candidate Panchumarthi Anuradha in the elections.

They are cursing both the MLAs for ditching the party. At the same time, they are trying to put up a brave face and hide the insult.

“These people are those rejected tickets for 2024. They will obviously revolt. Jagan could have lied and gotten their votes. He could have got TDP MLAs but he would not do unrighteous politics for a mere MLC seat. So, he let go of the seat,” they are coming up with a new theory.

TDP is not ready to give tickets to both of them as they have their options already in those constituencies. Yet they chose to prefer TDP over YSR Congress because of the insults meted out to them in the party.

If Jagan stands for righteous politics, he would not take the four MLAs from TDP. In fact, he would not put up the seventh candidate in the MLC elections since he does not have the necessary strength to win.

Jagan spoke to both Sridevi and Mekapati, but he still tried to show the same arrogance which may have irked them.

They even chose to risk one year of power while cross-voting for TDP.

That too the party which Jagan says will lose 175 out of 175 seats and the party supremo’s Kuppam seat.

This defeat is a big embarrassment for Jagan who was arrogant about that 151-seat victory.

This defeat should make him understand that in democracy nothing is permanent and no one is invincible. The followers should stop the Bhajana at least now and ensure that Jagan understands the ground reality.