Couple robbed at gunpoint, FB post goes viralIn an incident that adds to Delhi’s shame, an entrepreneur couple were reportedly robbed at gun point by three men in West Delhi. The incident came to be known when the man posted the whole story on facebook and since then the post has shared over 3500 times.

The man in question is Ashish Tulsian’s who was driving the car with his wife seated beside him. When they reached Rajouri Garden, another car with only the driver as occupant drove up to them and began asking for directions. As this was going on, two other men armed with pistols appeared on either side of his car. They threatened to shoot the couple unless they turned off the car’s engine and then proceeded to loot them.

The robbers got scared and left when they saw a police patrol approaching but what is rather shameful is that the incident happened at a well-lit and busy area that was hardly 50 metres away from a police post.