The Telangana Bill is brought to discussion today in Parliament. In the wake of Seema Andhra MPs suspended from Parliament, Congress wanted to pass the bill today itself. Seema Andhra Central Ministers Chiranjeevi, Purandhareeswari, Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy and Killi Krupa Rani invaded Speaker’s well and stalled the proceedings as a result the house is adjourned till 12 PM. The bill is expected to be taken up for discussion by 2 PM.

On the other side, BJP had proposed 31 amendments intended to do justice to Seema Andhra region. However, they are not mustering courage to say they will not vote in case they are not fulfilled. However, Congress is determined to pass the vote through voice vote in case the house is not in order. Union Home Ministry had alerted State Police as they are expecting violence to erupt in Seema Andhra region.