Corona Rampage in Andhra Pradesh SchoolsDespite the COVID Pandemic, Andhra Pradesh Government unilaterally opened the schools despite the opposition from the Opposition parties and the stakeholders. This unilateral decision is proving to be very costly. Reports are that several Corona cases are registered in Chittoor, Krishna, Prakasam, and Vishakapatnam districts.

Both the teachers and students are among those infected and the numbers are going to swell as they are likely to get into contact with parents, family members, and outsiders. In Vishakapatnam district – the district which will house the proposed Executive Capital of the state has reported 52 Corona cases in the schools.

Among these 52, 46 teachers, four staff, and two students are among those infected. There are demands that the schools should be closed immediately and go back to the Online classes method. The Government is delaying the idea since it does not want to appear as it went back on its own decision.

On the other side, the state government had also allowed opening Welfare Hostels for 8th, 9th, and 10th class students across the state.