Corona Cases Doubled Overnight in Andhra PradeshThe Ruling Party in Andhra Pradesh repeatedly claimed that the cases are least in the state because of the proactive measures of the Government and extensive work by the Volunteers. But things turned topsyturvy in the last 48 hours. In the last 12 hours, the total number of cases got doubled in the state.

From 9 PM on Tuesday to 9 AM today, 43 more cases were recorded in the state taking the total tally to 87. West Godavari and Kadapa which did not have a Single-case till now recorded 13 and 15 cases respectively contributing the majority of these increased cases.

A majority of the cases are that of those who attended the Jamaat meeting in Delhi in mid-March and their close contacts. With several people yet to be traced, the cases are expected to increase by many folds in the coming days. Andhra Pradesh is now at a sniffing distance to Telangana.

Across the country, the total number of cases rise to more than 1700. The increase is high in the last 48 hours and the Religious Meeting is contributing to the majority of the cases. Considering this situation, India may well extend its Lockdown beyond the Three weeks planned earlier.