Corona-Vaccine,-Not-As-Easy-As-We-ThinkThe vaccine trials of Coronavirus has hit a roadblock. The vaccine being developed by Oxford University was promised to arrive by September. This is the earliest claim of any research. But then, the vaccine known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 failed Animal tests.

The vaccine could not stop the virus from getting into the rhesus macaque monkey. The rhesus macaque is a primate and a native of Southeast Asia. This kills the hope of treating humans. The vaccine is under human trials in Britain. However, the vaccine did work against pneumonia.

Even though a failure, there were signs it may reduce the severity of the infection. Interestingly, India’s Serum Institute, a premier vaccine manufacturing company has been manufacturing this Vaccine for several days now to meet the demand as soon as the vaccine gets all approvals.

Many countries are opening their economies braving the risk. They are hoping that the vaccine will arrive at the earliest but this is a fine example of how uncertain the vaccine development is all about.