ys-jagan-mla-rojaOn Wednesday, AP Government Chief Whip, Kalava Srinivasulu released the footage of Assembly in which Roja, Chevireddy, Kodali Nani and Jyothula Nehru using very bad language right before the Speaker Podium. This video release put the opposition on defense who until now defending that Roja is falsely pinned down.

In the wake of YSR Congress giving no confidence motion on the Speaker, Government strategically released this video which pushed Jagan on to wall. All of sudden there is now a danger of more members getting punished if the matter is pursued further. So Jagan may have to make her a scapegoat to stop further damage.

On the other side, Roja who until now is denying any abuse took a new tune that she was forced to reply TDP MLAs in their own language as they are abusing Jagan. She argued that releasing Videos of Assembly is illegal but government said it has taken the permission from the Speaker before releasing them in to public domain.