cops interrogated china red sander smugglerOur readers are aware that Andhra Pradesh Police had arrested a Chinese Red Sanders smuggler few days ago and are hopeful of establishing Chinese links with the smuggling going on in Seshachalam forests. However their efforts are far from fruitful due to the language barrier.

The arrested guy, Yang Ping of Schezwan province, China reportedly is not understanding English or any other language except Mandarin (Chinese language). The Police are using the online software which translates English to Mandarin. But it is proving to be less useful as Yang is claiming he could not understand the translated sentences.

The cops managed to draw very little information from him during the three days of interrogation. The cops are in talks with a local academician from Tirupati to help them converse with Yang Ping. It is learnt that Yang purchase the stolen Red Sanders logs and make chop sticks, prayer beads, wooden bracelets and artifacts, and send them to China through private courier mail service.