Conversions-Near-Kanaka-Durgamma-Temple-Stirs-ControversyReligious Controversy has become a norm these days. Opposition parties claim that the Government is giving a free hand to the Christian Evangelists. A few days ago, the installation of Mother Mary’s Statue on Bhavani Island Arch has become controversial.

And now, Religious conversions at Punnami Ghat have become controversial in Vijayawada now. Punnami Ghat is very near to the gates where the devotees of Kanaka Durgamma take a holy dip before having the Darshan.

The Temple is also near to the Temple and the Organizers have used Loud Speakers during the conversions. Sources say that 47 people have changed from Hinduism to Christianity in this ceremony. The Kanaka Durgamma Devotees are very angry with this act and are serious about officials who did nothing to stop the Evangelists.

Opposition Parties and the Hindu Organizations are demanding stern action on those who are involved and on the Officials who permitted this Ceremony.