Controversial Indian American Website Owner SuedIndo-American website entrepreneur Vishal Garg is in the news once again. He had earlier made headlines when he fired 900 of his employees over a Zoom call just before Christmas.

Obviously, he received enough backlash for how he lacked tact. Now, a lawsuit has been filed by Sarah Pierce, the online mortgage company’s former executive vice president for sales and operations.

She claims that Garg’s public controversy and surging mortgage rates have hurt the company’s image and business. According to CNN, Garg had misrepresented the company’s statements to ensure a SPAC merger moved forward.

Pierce claims that Garg made not one but many miscalculations about the looming interest rate environment. Due to this, he went on a hiring spree and hired hundreds of staff. He feared investors would withdraw from’s deteriorating financial condition. Apparently, he told the company that mortgage rates would fall and sales would grow. He reportedly told them that President Biden would die of COVID.

Pierce has demanded financial compensation for being ‘pushed out’ of her role in February. Meanwhile, Garg’s lawyer has said that the comments were baseless and said he was confident of’s financial and accounting practices. He added that they would vigorously defend the lawsuit.

Garg, who is 43, founded in 2016, and it is backed by Japanese conglomerate Softbank among others and received a $750 million cash infusion from investors last week and was recently valued at $7 billion, according to a Forbes report.