Conspiracy Against Revanth Reddy!Revanth Reddy’s elevation as PCC President has worked positively for the Congress party in Telangana. Keeping aside what that would do to the party’s electoral prospects, Revanth Reddy has rejuvenated the cadre.

But then, Congress seniors who have expected PCC and were disappointed are trying to pull Revanth down. Bhuvanagiri MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy claims to have done a survey for Huzurabad By-election and declared before media that Congress will only get 5% votes.

That means Congress will not be in the race and will also lose its deposit. Party MP admitting this before media ahead of the election speaks volumes about the tragic state of Telangana Congress and how the party seniors are conspiring against Revanth Reddy.

Meanwhile, Komatireddy went on to say Eetela Rajender will win the Huzurabad By-election empathetically with a whopping 67% vote share. He added that TRS will end up only with 30% votes.