Congress' woes in Andhra Pradesh!

Congress seem to be nosediving towards its worst performance ever in Andhra Pradesh. This state had provided 30+ MP seats to Congress in the last two terms and is instrumental in the formation of UPA governments twice. But now it all seems to be only a pale shadow of a glorious past. Congress Party had released its first list of MP candidates contesting the upcoming elections. A total of candidates for 194 seats are confirmed.

But there is not even a single candidate from Andhra Pradesh is confirmed. Usually Congress’ first list contained 10-15 names from AP earlier. No names from AP only reflect the sad state of affairs of the party in AP. There are no candidates for Congress in Seema Andhra and in Telangana it is waiting for some alliance with TRS to get some seats using Telangana sentiment. If TRS do not ally with Congress, it will be a death blow for 128 years old party in the state.