Telangana state is a reality due to TRS spearheading the agitations and Congress giving it risking its prospects in Seema Andhra. However TRS do not want to share the laurels with Congress and skipped the merger proposal it has given. Forget about merger, TRS is too greedy now to accept an alliance with Congress. The Congress High Command is fuming on TRS regarding this callousness.

Sonia Gandhi reportedly ordered her men to do everything that could affect TRS’ campaign. In this ploy, they are planning to bring back the Congress leaders joined in TRS luring them with various tempting offers. As the first blow, TRS leaders Vivek and Vinod quit the party and joined Congress. Both of them are prominent Dalit leaders in the region and will be used to remind people that TRS went off its promise of making a Dalit Chief Minister once Telangana is formed.

It is also said they are also trying to bring back Manda Jagannadham and Indra Karan Reddy back to Congress in coming days. These leaders will come out of TRS making heavy allegations on KCR and his family. Congress hopes that they can divert voters to themselves once credibility of TRS is shattered.