Congress takes Dalit card to counter KCR!

Making a Dalit CM is the promise made by KCR on several occasions during Telangana Agitation. But the TRS leader is not talking of that promise after Telangana is achieved. In the wake of KCR refusing a merger with Congress and not looking favourable for a prepoll alliance with the party, Congress leaders are asking their high command to allow them go single to polls.

Senior Congress leader, Jairam Ramesh speaking in Karimnagar assured that Congress will be making a dalit as Chief Minister to Telangana if voted to power. He also reminded that Congress did it in the past with D.Sanjeevaiah. This Dalit CM card is to counter KCR and is a ploy to corner TRS who had to speak now on their promise. Jairam further irked TRS by calling Telangana JAC to join Congress if they wants to contest the next elections. He also added that Sonia Gandhi is not the mother of Telangana but is the architect of the Social Telangana, a dream of every Telangana people. Lets see how TRS counter Congress’ tactics!