Pawan Kalyan Fires Congress Kakinada Meeting, Pawan Kalyan Fires BJP Kakinada Meeting, Congress BJP Stabbed AP Telugu People Pawan Kalyan Kakinada SpeechJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan lambasted the BJP led Central Government right left and center for deceiving the state on the Special Status issue. Pawan Kalyan went on to say how Congress stabbed in the back by dividing the state without any rationale and moral leaving the state stranded with even no capital.

“Congress Stabbed us in the back. We went to BJP to get relief for the treachery but the party which stands for nationalistic values stabbed in our front,” Pawan Kalyan shouted as the humongous crowd roared in support. It is more or less clear that Pawan Kalyan had waged a war on the Center.

Pawan Kalyan, unlike a regular politician, went on to say that he and the people should come on roads without damaging the public property or to the prospects of the state. He told people to fight without damaging to the state but in a way, Center should feel pinch out of the protests that will happen for the cause.