Congress Government is using all the tricks of the trade to disturb Pawan Kalyan’s campaign for NDA. Sensing a danger from the actor’s campaign, Congress is directing the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) authorities to refuse permission for Pawan Kalyan’s air travel. As Pawan Kalyan’s helicopter is denied permission yesterday, the actor had to travel 300 Kms on road for his campaign for NDA.

The same scene repeated today. The actor had to wait one and half hour for ATC permission in Begumpet airport only to get disappointed. However the actor is determined to carry out the campaign as the election date is nearing. Pawan Kalyan reportedly is also suffering from a mild fever but is not relenting as 28th April is the last date of campaigning. There are allegations across the nation that Congress is misusing its power by denying permissions of air travel for its opposition parties.