Congress Leader Misconduct on WomanWhether or not they do it intentionally, Leaders should always be conscious of how they are behaving in a public forum. They will be noticed and every move of a leader is capable of becoming a sensational or breaking news. Would you agree?

Under similar circumstances, a Congress leader’s visually inappropriate act has gone viral on the internet in a jiffy. TP Ramesh the Chairman of the Silk Board, Karnataka was taped on camera at the Independence day celebration event at Madikeri where he was seen touching Congress MLC Veena’s hand. Veena tapped on his hand and pushed his hand away immediately.

This scene gives an obvious scent of misbehavior by the leader whether or not he had the intention, as both the leaders were seen smiling at each other throughout the tape. May be they are being playful as Ramesh says. Responding to the trolls, Ramesh denied him touching her inappropriately and said that Veena is like her sister and was discussing their health issues.

The party assured to take an action against the leader of proven guilty. We don’t know what his intention was, but it is always good for the leaders to behave themselves at least in public forums to avoid misinterpretation.