BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi is carrying a high level life threat for several years due to his anti-Muslim image due to 2002 communal riots issue. In October last year, a bomb blast took place in Patna where Modi attended a rally. Since then the UPA government had inducted a high level security cover for Modi involving an Advance Security Liaison (ASL) drill and a three-tier ring of highly experienced commandos.

But the government seem to be not serious on his security. It is reportedly going easy with out establishing right communication channel between the security cover and the intelligence. Most of the times, the intelligence is giving any data about Modi only in the last minute and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Advance Security Liaison (ASL) to go through entire intercepts, pick up relevant data and compile it for execution. It is also to be noted that after the Patna blast, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde had ruled out Special Protection Group cover to Modi who has been target No 1 of ISI-funded terror organisations like LeT and IM.