Congress Fans: Delighted in Telangana, Disappointed in APEarlier last week, AICC Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi visited Telangana and address a huge public meeting there. Surprisingly, Rahul delivered a very good speech which took the ruling TRS party by shock. Congress fans were rejoicing but Rahul is back to normal in AP.

Rahul confused the audience jumping into several issues which are totally unrelated. He talked about Swachh Bharat, Upanishads, Special Status what not everything. It’s just that the Congress Prince has got a Good Speech Writer in Telangana and AP Congress could not even do that.

In fact, Congress barely had any leaders left after its Self Goal in the bifurcation issue. This is probably the last attempt for Congress revival and there seems to be Zero effect on the ground. Political Analysts say Congress has no chances whatsoever at least for a decade in AP