BJP had created history in the 2014 by solely forming the government at the center, a rare feat which happened for the first time after 1984. The saffron party alone winning 284 seats while Congress limiting itself to just 47 seats is a clear indication of the strong Anti-Congress wave blowing in the country. Having not opened its account in seven states. Congress now in a position of not being considered as the party whose member can be a leader of the opposition. A minimum of 10% seats in Lok Sabha is required for a party to nominate one of its member as leader of opposition whose opinion is mandatory in appointments in the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Lokpal and CBI.

Now it is the mercy of the new Speaker if Congress is given a chance. Similar situation arose during 1984-89. In the strong sympathy wave after Indira Gandhi’s Assassination, Congress claimed 414 seats in Lok Sabha. The next biggest party is Telugu Desam Party with 30 seats. The party was then 3 less than the 10% of the total strength — but it was the largest political party in the opposition. Parvathaneni Upendra was appointed as the leader of Opposition then up on a special ruling from the Speaker.