Jana Reddy come in support of Telangana TDPThough TDP has taken its birth with anti-Congress slogan, Congress has come in defence of the party when it is hit by the worst crisis in Telangana. Leader of Opposition, Jana Reddy termed Speaker’s decision to merge the defected TDP MLAs in to TRS as grave mistake and asserted that it is anti-constitutional act which can not stand.

“There are disqualification petitions pending. How can Speaker decide on merger with out deciding on them? We will question this on the floor of the house. Government can not do whatever it wishes since they are in power. People are watching and will teach them a lesson in right time,” Jana Reddy said to media.

On the other side, the ruling party had decided to stand stiff on this issue. They have decided not to allow the issue come to the house. If at all some one rakes it up, the government is planning to unleash the suspension whip terming their action as infringing the rights of the Speaker.