Congress brings in a Modi to counter Modi
Congress Party is striving its level best to defeat BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate. Feeling the heat of heavy anti-government vote, Congress is resorting backdoor tricks to counter Modi. It is known that Narendra Modi is contesting from Varanasi and Vadodhara constituencies. To confuse voters in Vadodhara, Congress fielded an independent candidate by name ‘Narendra Babulal Modi’ to confuse BJP voters.

Congress hopes that Modi voters cross vote for this Modi in confusion and it will lessen the majority of Narendra Modi or may even defeat him. A BJP Spokesperson says “Congress is belittling itself to resorting to such cheap tactics. Modi is going to win both from Vadodhara and Varanasi with bumper majority and become the Prime Minister”. On the other side, Congress is also increasing its attack on Narendra Modi for keeping his martial status secret till now.