Congess MLA chased by followers of Ex-MLA

kalwakurthy mla vamsi chand attackedCongress party boasts of being the oldest party in the country and having a historical record of participating in the freedom struggle from the colonial regime of Britishers. But it is also equally popular for internal fights and leaders of the party plotting against each other forming groups and maintaining seperate camps.

Coming to the present, one Congress leader, Kalwakurthy MLA Vamshichand attended a wedding at N Conventions in Hyderabad, Madapur. There he encountered another Congress leader Vishnuvardhan, an ex-MLA. Though both are said to be rivals, Vamshi says he greeted Vishnu with a shake hand. But he alleges that Vishnu tried to break his fingers and when he tried to free his hand, he was attacked by the ex-MLA followers and hence his gunmen had to react.

Vamshi lodged a complaint with the police and asked to check the CCTV footage of the attack on him. The version of Vishnuvardhan is different. He says that no one invited Vamshi Chandu and whatever he said is false and he isn’t able to understand why he came from Mehboobnagar to Hyderabad to create nuisance in his relative’s wedding.

But according to the latest information, CCTV footage shows Vamshi attacked by 20 followers of Vishnuvardhan and finally in defence, the MLA’s gunman had to take out his gun. It is for the police to decide who is at fault after going through the full CCTV footage. However one thing becomes clear once again, groups and camps are prevalent in Congress party by default.

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