trs warangal by elections kcrThe polling for Warangal by-election concluded last evening. The by-election almost registered 65% polling which is 12% less than that of the last elections. TRS candidate Kadiyam Srihari won the election back then by a huge majority of about 4.5 Lakh votes. Experts seem to be divided on predicting the by-election results.

A section say it is an easy win for TRS since the voting is dull in Urban areas and good in rural areas. TRS is strong in Rural areas and good polling here may help the party they say. Another section say Congress have an out side chance.

They say Congress stronghold segments like Wardhannapeta, Bhupalapalli and Station Ghanpur and TDP strong area Palakurthi registered more than 70% which may go against TRS and that will benefit. Almost all the experts say BJP candidate may confine himself to third place. Whatever may be the result, the majority may not be as much as the last time since the polling percentage had gone down.