Conflict Of Interest In I-PAC Team Exposing Paid Accounts!Prashant Kishor’s I-PAC deploys some of its team members among the supporters of the parties in campaigns on social media. The team members behave like any other or even strong supporters of that party. So, they gel very well with the real supporters.

Usually, after the I-PAC campaign is done in a particular state, the accounts are shifted to other states and they are easily forgotten by everyone.

But then, this time I-PAC is in a tricky situation when it comes to YSR Congress and TRS. Some of the accounts that worked for YSR Congress were shifted to Telangana for TRS.

Until now, these accounts worked as if they are hardcore YS family fans. But to counter Sharmila, they have been making anti-YS family tweets which is enraging the real YSRCP supporters who worked with them in 2019 campaigns.

They are now openly fighting each other now on social media exposing how I-PAC weaved social media campaigns in favor of YSR Congress using fake or paid accounts.