Condom AD in Ladies Compartment Creates RachhaIndian society might be glued to their Netflix and Amazon Prime series, but that does not make it a liberal one for sure. Sex and matter related to all things sexual are taboo and are rarely spoken about publicly. It is considered to be vulgar and uncouth to mention anything, even in the right context. One such incident took place in Delhi Metro recently.

Picture of a condom ad, of a brand ‘epic’ as seen in the poster has gone viral on the internet. Incidentally, the ad was said to have been put in the ladies’ compartment of the Delhi Metro. The entire compartment was reserved for ladies.

This has led to a furor on Twitter, and one Twitter user said that it was atrocious to see such ads in public places, especially in a country where airing such ads in the afternoon slot is banned. The person also wondered as to why Delhi Metro allowed such an ad, that too in the ladies compartment.

Of course, as always, there were varied opinions, with some feeling it was a well-thought place to stick the poster. Even as Twitterati continued to post their opinions, Delhi Metro officials made it clear that the poster was long removed and the compartment no longer had it.