Computer Science Top Pick Of Indian Students In U.S.Each year, many aspiring Indians land in the US and directly opt for computer science. For the unversed, computer science is not considered engineering in the US. Due to this, admissions in engineering and business, management have reduced say American research bodies.

And the number of students enrolling in computer science is only increasing by the day. In fact, this data emerged when the International Institute of Education (IIE) released the Open Doors 2022 report. In 2021-22, the US had about 9.48 lakh international students of which 2 lakh or 21.10 percent were studying computer science. Among them, around 67,000 are Chinese and Indians are 73,000.

Those in the computer field get paid more than in other courses and this is just the carrot that the Indians need to stick to computer science. The American institutes say that the numbers will only keep increasing year after year. Though engineering was the most-opted in the past, computer science took over in 2020-21.