Complete-Overhaul-of-Legal-Dept-in-Andhra-Pradesh.-But-Will-It-HelpAndhra Pradesh Government’s first year in power has been a massive embarrassment in terms of the various judgments it has got from the courts. There are at least 60-70 judgments which have gone against the Government and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had decided to make a complete overhaul of his legal bench.

Three Government Lawyers have submitted their resignations the other day and the Government today appointed three new lawyers in their place. There are rumors that the Government may even call for some big heads in the legal department in the coming days.

However, Legal and Political Experts say that this is a futile exercise. “All those adverse judgments are due to faulty Government Policies. There is nothing that lawyers could do. Government employes some top lawyers in the country for some cases but still failed,” they said.

“You are just searching for scapegoats. It is like giving a lame horse and asking to win a race. Unless the Government policies fall in line with the legal framework nothing is going to change with the new appointees,” they add. Let us see if the Government listens!