Andhra pradesh secretariat employeesEven though Andhra Pradesh government had announced the administration shift beginning from June 27th, government sources say the entire shifting will be complete only in two months time. The government will not be shifting all departments at once but will be shifting in phases depending on the construction completion.

The government had already finalized office space for 15 HODs. The government had set up a Help Desk for the employees in Hyderabad to air their grievances. Employees are demanding that the shift should be postponed for an year and some are even demanding that the shift should happen only after Permanent Secretariat is complete.

On the other side, the Prime Minister’s Office is still sitting on the Nativity file of the employees. The state government is trying its level best to get the notification by the time the shift begins. The notification is necessary as all the employees and their children are currently native to Hyderabad and they will become non local to Andhra Pradesh, once they shift to Amaravati.