Company Of Sai Reddy's Job Mela Cheats Job Aspirants YSR Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy, a few months ago did Hungama in the name of Job Melas. He made tall claims of giving 100s of Jobs in these Melas named after YSR.

But it turned out that one of the companies in this Mela turned out to be fake. According to a Report in Eenadu, this company named V Infotech participated in YSR Job Mela conducted in Andhra University in April.

The company was established only an year ago and Vankayala Sai Kumar who works as a boxing coach in Kommadi Government Sports Training Center is the CEO of the company.

The company recruited 50 people and promised them to train. They were promised 10,000 Rupees during the training and a job later. Each of the 50 people were made to pay 30,000 Rupees.

However, they were given meager training in five months and without any pay. They approached the company demanding their deposit back saying they do not need the job but the CEO tried to evade them.

Twenty of the job holders registered a complaint with PM Palem Police Station. The Police did not register a case yet and are saying they are looking into it.