Coronavirus Telangana Baby (2)A Chinese company, Sinovac published results of the vaccine named CoronaVac in the academic journal Science last month that protected monkeys from infection by the coronavirus. The vaccine reached stage 2 of the coronavirus vaccine trial with more than 1000 volunteers participating.

The company does not want the trials in China because the cases are low. The final trial will happen in the UK and Luo Baishan, a researcher at Sinovac when asked whether he thought the vaccine would be successful. “Yes, yes. It must be successful… 99% [sure],” he replied.

The company also started the construction of a production plant near Beijing was concurrently underway with the aim of being able to produce 100 million doses. However, the company did not promise any date about the Vaccine’s arrival.

The contagious virus which was first found in China’s Wuhan so far caused 6.1 Million confirmed cases with 370K deaths.