Communists to go with Jai Samayikyandhra!

Jai Samayikya Andhra Party floated by Kiran Kumar Reddy is briskly losing its steam. Even the founder members and vice presidents of the party are slipping to other parties. But KKR is fighting a lone battle to keep the party in the fray. He is extensively touring the state campaigning for the party and now it is told that the party is heading towards alliance with Communists in Seema Andhra region.

CPI and CPM can not go with TDP as it allied with BJP. They also do not want to ally with Congress which is heading towards a big defeat in the region. The central leadership of CPI and CPM are not so favourable to having an alliance with YSR Congress due to its corruption allegations. So all this factors are moving Jai Samayikya Andhra Party and the communists closer. We are said that these parties are currently discussing about seat sharing before making the alliance announcement.