Communists Divided Over Jagan and Pawan KalyanCPI(M) Andhra Pradesh state secretary, Madhu has confirmed that the party will have an alliance with the Main Opposition Party, YSR Congress in the next elections. This comes as a surprise given that Communists were trying to incline towards Jana Sena till recently.

We are told that CPI(M) did not get favourable response from Pawan Kalyan till now and so looking towards Jagan. On the other side, CPI, the other communist party is still keen on having an alliance with Jana Sena and is waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s nod.

However, this announcement by CPI(M) has drawn criticism from TDP. “Communist Ideology is against Capitalism and Corruption. Jagan is an epitome of both. So, such an alliance will be unethical and people will reject both the parties,” TDP leaders say.