ambati_rambabu_gadapa_gadapaku_mana_prabhutvamThe Gadapa Gadapaku program is coming back to haunt the YCP public representatives in more ways than one. Almost everyone time, a YCP MLA steps out in public, they are met with backlash from the public. It is Ambati Rambabu’s turn to face the same now.

Ambati went on Gadapa Gadapaku program to meet the public in Sattenapalli and he had to face a set of straightforward questions from a common man.

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Ambati asked an aged woman if she’s facing any problems and she replied she isn’t getting elderly pension. A few minutes later, her son came and posed straight questions to Ambati.

“Should only ministers like you go in cars, Why shouldn’t commoners like us have cars? How can you remove the pension over this reason?” The common man asked Ambati.

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This led a heated verbal exchange between Ambati and the commoner. The police then intervened and took the commoner into custody.

A YCP MLA getting questioned by the public, then he/her firing on the common man, then the police intervening and detaining the commoner have all become a common occurrence these days.

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