Comedian-Prudhvi-Raj-Mocks-Pawan-Kalyan-Zero-Budget-PoliticsPawan Kalyan‘s unforgettable defeat left with one seat for the party that too with the loss of the leader himself at both the places he contested has left the Janasena folks in immense depression.

YSRCP folks are taking all the advantage of the atmosphere to pass words to the opposite and the comedian started off mocking Pawn and his Zero Budget politics concept.

Prudhvi Raj has been vocal against the Janasena party and its leader Pawan Kalyan despite both belong to the film industry and the same caste category. Now that their party got the top hand, he is criticizing Pawan’s notion of winning the elections by not distributing money, that is zero politics.

And on the other side, reporting that PK followed the zero budget politics concept, Jaya Prakash Narayan implies that defeat in politics shouldn’t decide the personality of a leader. He says YSRCP won clearly by distributing money to buy votes and even they couldn’t have won the elections if they have followed the zero budget politics claiming that even Ambedkar didn’t win back then and Mahatma Gandhi will receive no different result if he contests with zero budget in today’s politics.