The officials seem to be considering the local state guest house for setting up the Chief Minister’s camp office in Vijayawada which will be on its way to become the next capital of the state. Recently the guest house was renovated to be fit for the CM’s stay and functioning. The building which was constructed in 1988 was renovated and is equipped with 10 air-conditioned suites, Four other single AC rooms and eight non-AC rooms. The guest house is situated at the heart of Vijayawada city and is having a good access of four roads around it.

The Police commissioner officer is situated opposite to this building. But the major problem with selecting this guest house is that with CM visiting it very often, there will be a frequent need to regulate and divert the traffic in the area. As the guest house is situated in the heart of the city, it will be turning in to a real challenge for the Police and normal people passing through the area.