Ramoji Rao - YS JaganRamoji Rao‘s Eenadu always had a unique mark on Telugu politics. Eenadu is capable of changing public perception before elections as we have seen in the past. There are people who say Eenadu is inclined towards TDP but it is not always the case.

Whenever Ramoji Rao sees that TDP has no chance in an election. We do not see him supporting the party. Before the 2004 elections, Eenadu gave extensive coverage to YSR’s Padayatra which was writing on the wall for TDP supporters.

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TDP stood a chance in 2009 and Eenadu supported as well but Praja Rajyam Party tilted the result in favor of Congress. In 2014, Eenadu supported TDP overwhelmingly and the result also came accordingly. But in 2019, Eenadu remained neutral sensing trouble for Chandrababu.

But then things changed drastically in the last couple of months. We have seen Eenadu giving space for anti-Government facts and for the last one week, there is extensive coverage of Vivekananda Reddy’s case. That may be an indication that Jagan Mohan Reddy may be struggling and TDP reviving, political observers say.

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If this is the case two years before the elections, the last one year or six months before the election is going to be even more interesting.